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Semi-regular sessions in Canterbury at The Penny Theatre’s weekly Retro Games Night, with the occasional flat bash thrown in for good measure – most of us are concentrated around Thanet. Online bouts are always on the cards.

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We used to hold cash prize tournaments at Noobz Gaming Lounge in Margate, but unfortunately it has closed down, along with general activity.

If there’s interest we’re definitely up for hosting some new tournaments though!



A popular chat app used by gamers, it’s where we’re most active. Available as a webapp, desktop program or mobile app, so you can always stay involved.

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Great way to easily keep up with what’s happening in Bash Club, whether it’s news about events or casuals or just some nonsense.

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The FGC uses Twitter extensively, and it’s the best place for new tech. Check our tweets here to see what’s up!

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